Urban Stormwater Runoff

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Urban and Highway Stormwater Pollution:


HVC provides solutions to problems related to wet weather discharges of pollutants from urban areas, roads and highways. The expertise concerns identification of sources and pathways of the pollutants and solutions to their reduction and control, e.g. in terms of different types and levels of treatment dependent on receiving water needs:


  • Analysis and impact assessment of pollutant discharges from urban and road stormwater runoff.
  • Combined sewer overflow pollutant discharges and impacts.
  • Management of wet weather pollution from urban areas and highways.
  • Stormwater pollution control and treatment, for example by stormwater ponds, infiltration and use of chemical active filters.
  • Analysis of the impact of climatic changes on treatment performance.
  • Modeling of wet weather water quality discharges, treatment and pollutant impacts.


HVC has conducted and participated in numerous projects related to stormwater runoff and combined sewer overflows. During recent years these projects are:


The Norwegian Department of Climate and Environmental Protection (Klima og Forurensningsdirektoratet), 2012:

Development of procedures for estimation of pollutant discharges from urban and highway stormwater runoff in Norway.


Norwegian Road Administration (Statens vegvesen, Vegdirektoratet), 2012:

Development and design of a method for advanced treatment of highway stormwater runoff and tunnel wash water at a specific highway location in Norway.


Water Company, Dennmark South (VandCenter Syd), 2011-2012:

Enlargement of Odense Northwest Wastewater Treatment Plant against integrated treatment of wastewater and runoff water from combined sewer areas during extreme rainfall events.


Project supported by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency (Miljøstyrelsen), 2009-2012:

Full-scale investigations have been performed for upgrading existing wet detention ponds for advanced treatment based on chemical precipitation of soluble and colloidal pollutants. HVC has planned the contents of the project, pre-investigated potential technologies, performed full-scale investigations to determine treatment efficiencies and finally documented the results.


Norwegian Road Administration (Statens vegvesen, Vegdirektoratet), 2011:

Contribution to Handbook No. 018.

Management strategies and treatment options for stormwater runoff from roads and highways.


Danish Highway Administration (Vejdirektoratet), 2011: Contributions to a best practice manual on highway runoff infiltration ponds (Vejregel afvanding: Nedsivningsbassiner, anlæg og planlægning).


Norwegian Road Administration (Statens vegvesen, Vegdirektoratet), 2011:

Contribution to NORWAT (Nordic Road Water) report on “Road and Water Pollution”, VD Report No. 46.

Current knowledge and identification of research gaps related to water pollution in terms of the building- and operation phase of the road network including tunnel wash water runoff.


Frederikshavn Water (Frederikshavn Forsyning A/S), 2011: Assessment of the impact of urban stormwater runoff on the content of heavy metals, TBT, PCB and PAH in harbor sediments.


Norwegian Road Administration (Statens vegvesen, Vegdirektoratet), 2010:

Contribution to Report No. 2573.

Assessment of treatment efficiency of highway runoff in wet detention ponds under changed climate as being forecasted during the period 2071 – 2100. The analysis is based on modeling using modified short-term rain series that take into account the best available information on the future precipitation pattern.